7 Reasons I Love Using YouTube

I love YouTube for so many reasons! Here are just a few reasons why YouTube is something I use on regular basis as well as some idea of how you can use it!

YouTube logo

1. Instant access to music, comedy, demonstrations, talks, and teaching videos!

I use youtube to learn new songs, listen to things I forgot about, learn new skills, and listen to live performances. You can listen to/watch whatever you want and for FREE!! Also, there are probably multiple recordings of songs, so you get exactly what you are looking for.

2. Teaching

What a great way to show my students new songs, encourage them explore new music, and show them what performers look like. Often my students can sing or play a song, but have no idea how to act or perform it. By looking at live performances, my students get a better idea of what they need to do!

3. Learning about my clients

My clients love sharing their music preferences with me and I love learning about them. Often I want to know more about the band they like and will let them show me a favorite song or I will explore the music on my own!

(A song recently shared by one of my students)

4. Music listening as a reward

I love rewarding my clients’ good behavior and attentiveness with music related things they love. Listening to a favorite song is a great incentive.

5. Client selected music during other activity, exercise, or as track for lyric discussion

I will sometimes have my students/clients work on a written activity, art-based intervention, or will engage them in a discussion or listening activity. YouTube is a great way to have any song I want right at my fingertips!

6. Teaching new skills

Sometimes I want clients to practice a new skill! There are some great instructional videos that will support the lessons we have been working on.

(A quick but in-depth lesson on playing a C scale)

7. Sharing music and talents!

Recording a video and posting it on YouTube is a great way to share the skills and talents my students have! Videos can be made private or public, making easy to share a recording with either a few family members or the whole world!

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