Happy New Year! – 2013 year in review and a new set of goals.

When I started looking back at this past year, I thought it had flown way to quickly and that I hadn’t accomplished very much. Then I started making a list, a quick list of everything I had done, everywhere I had been, and all I had accomplished over the course of 2013. After making a simple mental list, I quickly began to realize just where that year had gone. Here are a couple of the highlights: Updating my office Presenting to the Lincoln, IL Rotary Club, the Council for Exceptional Children, and a large hospice company. Performing with a local band. Celebrating 1 year of being a music therapist Celebrating 1 year of business Was featured as the IAMT member spotlight Starting the On A Good Note website, blog, facebook, twitter, and personal LinkedIn Traveling all over the country Learning to record using Garage Band and releasing over a dozen songs Offering several FREE resources on the website throughout the year AND working on a couple new and exciting opportunities for the coming year! Those will have to wait for Read More

Last Minute Music Therapy Intervention Ideas for the Holidays

We’re already in the middle of December! Can you believe it? If your clients are anything like mine, they all want to hear the same three Christmas songs over and over. If you’ve mastered Jingle Bells and sung all of the fa la la’s out of Deck the Halls, then it might be time for a a couple fresh ideas. Below are a couple of my wintery songs as well as links to some other amazing holiday resources posted by music therapists! Songs – It’s Christmas Time Counting Snowflakes    Free Christmas Sheet Music HERE Educational snow and winter chants from Tuned Into Learning 12 Goals of Christmas from Music Therapy = <3 Music Therapy Christmas Carols from Coast Music Therapy Holiday Piggy Back Songs also from Coast Music Therapy  Fresh Holiday Intervention Ideas from Sound Scape Music Therapy   Happy Holidays! Read More

FREE Christmas Music – Making Music Fun

For those of you who teach music lessons or play an instrument yourself, there are few gifts as good as FREE sheet music (for songs you’ll actually use!) I’m always looking for music to share with my students and play in sessions and I like to do it on a budget. Making Music Fun is a great website with tons of resources for teachers and students alike. They have a list of over a hundred different songs divided into categories based on level and genre. Check out their website for awesome resources and TONS of FREE sheet music! http://makingmusicfun.net/htm/printit_piano_sheet_music_index.htm Read More

Thanksgiving Resources & Songs

I cannot believe we have already arrived at the week of thanksgiving! Where has the time flown this year!  Before you know it I’ll be posting about Christmas.  All of the decorations are up, the turkey is soon to be thawing in the fridge, and families are getting ready to travel.  If you’re anything like me though, you are still going to be working and doing sessions this week!   So, in honor of Thanksgiving I’ve complied a few resources for music therapists.  Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!   1.  Four Educational Thanksgiving Chants from Tuned Into Learning These four chants work on a variety of concepts including naming colors, counting, sharing, telling time, turn taking, and social skills.   I love these adorable chants and FREE printouts!  I’ll be using two of them today in my own sessions! 2.   Thanksgiving Song Writing Activity from Music Therapy = <3 This song writing activity is a great opportunity for older clients (teens & up) to discuss what they are thankful for, work on expression, identify feelings, and understand what the holiday Read More