Listen and Learn for Little Ones 


Early Childhood music groups are provided at the Music Therapy Connections studios in Springfield, IL by music therapists Katelyn Kamerad and Rachel Rambach.


Listen and Learn for Little Ones provides children and their caregivers the opportunity to explore and appreciate music in a fun and exciting way!  Through singing, dancing, and playing instruments, participants will learn basic musical and developmental concepts all while having fun and socializing with peers and caregivers.  The classes are designed for children ages 0-3.  Caregivers are not only encouraged to attend, but to participate in the music making process.  Group participants learn new skills and have fun while making music.

Dates: Stay tuned into Music Therapy Connections for more information.

Registration Cost is: $45/child.

To learn when registration is available or to learn more about this class sign-up for email updates:

Stay tuned for more information!

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