iPad Course – Learning new apps for music therapy and teaching!

When I got my iPad in June, I was thrilled! I could not wait to dig in and start using it with all of my clients! There are so many useful apps out there that reinforce what I am already working on with my clients. To get a few more ideas and learn about new apps, I started taking a CMTE course through musictherapyed.com and have learned so much!

NOW they have a new course, iPad TWO, that provides information on 140 apps and how to use them in music therapy sessions! Currently, the 9 credit CMTE course is only $99! That’s incredible!

I cannot wait to take this course and learn even more ways I can incorporate some great apps into my sessions! All of the courses I have taken with musictherapyed.com have been fabulous!

I hope you find this to be as useful a resource as I have! HAPPY MONDAY!

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