Shout Out: Thank You Moms!

Every week, I have the honor of working with almost 40 individual children.  Each of those children comes from a unique family, each with their own set of rules and dynamics.  In working with those children, I get to meet some incredible moms!

On this Mother’s Day, I wanted to take a second to thank those moms and share some of my favorite little “mom moments” I get to witness every week.  These are the special little moments that often go unnoticed or are taken for granted but mean so much.


  • asking their children about their day
  • listening intently to what their child has to say
  • giving a big hug and smile
  • encouraging them to do their best
  • engaging with their child in a shared activity
  • stroking their hair when they feel sick
  • allowing a stranger in to help comfort or care for their baby
  • supporting their son or daughter no matter what
  • singing a favorite song
  • slowly reading a favorite book
  • rocking their child to sleep
  • looking adoringly at their child
  • sharing concerns and asking questions
  • embracing their child lovingly like it had been an eternity after only 30 minutes apart
  • comforting their scared or heartbroken child
  • remaining strong for their little one
  • playing silly games and getting down on the floor
  • pushing their child to try new things
  • picking up their baby to dance
  • feeding their child patiently
  • committing to classes/activities/practices that take up their own time
  • doing what they think is best
  • being the best mom for their child
  • LOVING their child unconditionally.
  • and so many more.

Thank you mom’s for every thing you do and everything you say.  Thank you for your words of wisdom, your kindness, and support.  Thank you for sharing these moments with me and allowing me to be a part of your child’s life.

Thank you to my mom for always having high expectations, an unfathomable amount of love, the patience of a saint, and an incredible amount to strength and support.  You, mom, are the reason for any of my successes and who I am today.  I love you.

Mom and me mom and me 2

Thank you for everything moms!


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