We Are… Quality

 Like most foods, products, and other services, Music Therapy has quality controls.   In previous posts I’ve talked about some of those quality controls such a… Being Board Certified Data Driven & Documented Journal Writers but I haven’t talked about the ethic of Music Therapists.  MTs adhere to a Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Practice.   As a preamble to the Code of Ethics, the American Music Therapy Association makes this poignant statement: “This Code of Ethics is applicable to all those holding the MT-BC credential or a professional designation of the National Music Therapy Registry and professional membership in the American Music Therapy Association. This Code is also applicable to music therapy students and interns under clinical supervision. We shall not use our professional positions or relationships, nor permit ourselves or our services to be used by others for purposes inconsistent with the principles set forth in this document. Upholding our right to freedom of inquiry and communication, we accept the responsibilities inherent in such freedom: competency, objectivity, consistency, integrity, and continual concern for the best interests of Read More