Notes to Grow On – Wrap-up

I am slightly saddened today knowing that I won’t be seeing the smiling faces I’ve had the opportunity to get to know over the past several weeks.  Every Wednesday through the month of April, I hosted a music class for children ages 0-4 and their caregivers.  I was thrilled to see the growth that happened over those five weeks and will miss seeing those kiddos every Wednesday! Check out the video I recorded last week to warp-up the experience.  I hope you can join us for out next series of classes! Sign up for our newsletter to receive information about dates and registration! Read More

Tap the Bells with Your Toes!

Every so often, my session plans don’t work out the way I planned.  As I mentioned in one of my MT advocacy posts, you cannot always predict how a client is feeling or how they are going to act on any given day, so you must remain flexible!  This next intervention came out of one of those flexible moments, creating an intervention on the spot to meet my client’s needs while still challenging them.  I could not have been more excited about the results. This is our second time doing this intervention, as it worked out so splendidly the first time! One of the large goals I am working on with this particular client is gross motor functioning.  We are working on maintaining balance, increasing individual leg movement, and increasing core strength. Here is the intervention: First, I placed the case of desk bells on the floor and asked the client to open it.  This requires him to use those fine motor skills to unzip the bag. I then ask him to pick up a specific color of bell (working Read More