New Goodbye Song: Goodbye, Adios, It’s Time to Go

I love using this new song with a variety of clients.  Not only is it cute and catchy, it also encourages speech production, vocalization, and learning new words, and exploring several new ways to say goodbye! Each album download includes a recording of the song, and instrumental track, and a lyric/chord sheet to help you learn the song. Enjoy!   Goodbye, Adios, It's Time to Go by On A Good Note Read More

New Counting Song: 5 Little Fish

I am so excited about this new song!  5 Little Fish uses finger counting to count backwards from 5.  Parents and children can also use hand motions to create gestures while they sing along with the song. When you download the full album you will receive the song, and instrumental track to sing along with with, and a lyric/chord sheet! ENJOY!   5 Little Fish by On A Good Note Read More

We Are… Resourceful

When I typed “resourceful” into google, this is the definition that popped up. re·source·ful riˈsôrsfəl,-ˈzôrs-/ adjective adjective: resourceful 1. having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties. synonyms: ingenious, enterprising, inventive, creative; More   Music Therapists have a huge toolbox filled with ideas, instruments, interventions, etc.  Because we are a people-oriented profession we have to be flexible and are constantly pulling from our toolbox of resources. When we can’t come up with a particular solution on our own, we either create it (like many of the songs and interventions I post on the blog), improvise based on the knowledge we have and what is at our disposal, or we look to others for inspiration! I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my favorite MT resources! CMTEs Sometimes, when I have to learn something new, the best way to do it is by taking a CMTE course like the ones over at Songs When in doubt, youtube, google, and pandora (or spotify) are great options for finding songs on the fly!  However, if you are looking for songs geared toward Read More

We Are… Learners

While I was studying music therapy at Western Illinois University, my professor, Dr. Jennifer Jones, MT-BC, would say on a regular basis, “My goal is to learn EVERY song EVER written”.   Though that is probably an unrealistic goal (as there are millions of songs and a constant stream of new material) it is a wonderful mindset to have as a music therapist.  The more music we know and the more we are dedicated to learning, the more resources we have to pull from when in sessions and the better we can meet our clients’ individual needs! As MT’s we are always learning new songs, new techniques, and new instruments.  Each client is different so we are also learning their needs and adapting what we already know or learning new material to meet those needs. On top of learning new songs and new music, MT’s are required to participate in continuing education courses in order to maintain the title MT-BC.  Each year, MT’s must complete 20 Continuing Music Therapy Education (CMTE) credits for a total of 100 CMTEs every 5 year Read More

FREE Christmas Music – Making Music Fun

For those of you who teach music lessons or play an instrument yourself, there are few gifts as good as FREE sheet music (for songs you’ll actually use!) I’m always looking for music to share with my students and play in sessions and I like to do it on a budget. Making Music Fun is a great website with tons of resources for teachers and students alike. They have a list of over a hundred different songs divided into categories based on level and genre. Check out their website for awesome resources and TONS of FREE sheet music! Read More