The Traveling Music Therapist: What’s in the Car

Every week, the amount of “stuff” I have in my car simply grows and grows, and it eventually needs to be cleaned out (usually every Friday… or so).  Some things stay (and always will) while others (like Starbuck cups) get thrown out.    Below is a fairly inclusive list of what you may find in my car any given week.  Get Ready… it’s pretty awesome. Water bottles (empty and full)  Starbucks cups Lunch Wrappers First Aid Kit (2 actually) GPS Phone Charger Pens and Pencils Paper Mileage Log Hand Sanitizer (for after EVERY session) Headband,  Hair Ties, & Bobby Pins Umbrella A Case of Water Assorted Instruments Phone iPod Sanitizing Wipes Ice Scraper Random CDs Mints/Gum Car Cleaning Supplies Art Supplies AND MORE   What things do you keep in your car as a Traveling MT? Read More

The Traveling Music Therapist: What I Listen To

When I have a long day of music therapy sessions and lessons planned, listening to the same 10 pop songs on the radio isn’t necessarily on my top 5 list of things to do.  Often, I like to either listen to a podcast or audio book, sit in silence, or write new songs in my head.  Below is a quick list of some of the Podcasts I’m currently listening to! Music Therapy Podcasts 1. Music Therapy Round Table – 2. The Urban Therapist – 3. On the Go Studio – 4. Start a Therapy Practice – 5. The Music Therapy Show – Other Favorite Podcasts & Radio Shows 1. Freakonomics 2. Radiolab 3. Q with Jian Ghomeshi 4. Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me 5. NPR – in general 6. How Stuff Works What are some of your favorite podcasts, radio shows, or audio books? Read More

New Series: The Traveling Music Therapist

I was so blessed when I moved to Lincoln, to find a part-time position at a hospital and another music therapist who needed a contractor.  I love the diverse range of clients I work with and all of the different settings, but I do a lot of traveling.  This week alone, traveling only three days, I will spend roughly 8-9 hours in my car. That’s a lot of driving for 3 days!  Last year I put over 13,000 miles on my car for work alone (and that’s probably an underestimate).  So, over the past 2 years of travel, I have come up with a couple strategies for coping, a few tricks to make life easier, some resources to help things along, and a list of things I cannot forget. Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to be sharing with you some of the ways handle being a Traveling Music Therapist.  Today, I have a 6 Quick Tips for Travel. 1.  Schedule enough time to be 5 minutes late (in case you have to talk to a family, make a Read More

Practice Olympics – Wrap Up

A few weeks ago I posted that my students were going to be participating in the Practice Olympics, in which they would work on different practice related events.  In order to “medal” they had to complete a certain number of events. 2 events = Bronze level prize (sheet of stickers) 3 events = Silver level prize (Stickers + Kazoo + Harmonica) 4 events = Gold level prize (Stickers + Kazoo + Harmonica + Gold Medal) I am pleased to announce that ALL of my students that participated earned at least a Bronze prize and most earned Silver or Gold.  They were THRILLED about the events and excited to work toward the different level prizes.  Parents also appreciated getting to see their kids excited about practicing.  This was also a great way for me to see what kinds of practicing motivates each individual and what specific areas (ex. note naming, note writing, identifying parts of music, sight reading, etc.) might need a little extra work.  All around, I call this event a success and plan on doing it again in 2 Read More