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These past couple months have been a whirlwind!!  Between getting married, merging my company, moving into new offices, starting new services, growing the number of clients I see, interviewing potential interns, AND so much MORE cool and exciting stuff, it has been crazy!  However, it has been completely worth it!  I have never been more satisfied with where my business is headed and the changes we have made. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: All students will now be registered through Music Therapy Connections, LLC My primary office is no longer my car!  It is now located in Springfield at 3730 Wabash Ave.   AND my office is beautiful! Early childhood class have been expanded and will take place at our new office. I only teach in Lincoln on Fridays. I have the absolute pleasure of working with another music therapist on an almost daily basis!  Check out her awesome blog!  I am loving my “new” life and cannot wait to share more with you soon!  -Katey Read More

I Can Show You How To Play – A New Instrument Playing Song

“I Can Show You How To Play” is my new song for instrument playing.  It gives children the opportunity to work on impulse control, following directions, naming body parts, playing rhythmically, respond to questions, and much more! I have loved using this song in the Listen & Learn Music Group I’ve been doing on Tuesdays. I hope you enjoy this song just as much as they have! Read More

You Are My Dear One – A New Lullaby

It has been WAY too long since I’ve posted a new song!  I am so excited about the next couple songs I’m releasing!  I wrote these songs in preparation for music group I have been doing with children ages 18 months – 3 years and their caregivers. The following song is meant to encourage a loving moment between parents and their children.  This is a quiet lullaby you can sing with your child at home while cuddling or rocking them too sleep. Enjoy! Read More

10 Truths of the Traveling Music Therapist

Do you find these 10 truths of the traveling music therapist to be true for you? You feel like you live out of your car. You get more oil changes than the majority of your peers and put more miles on your car than you could imagine. You end up spending more time (and money) at Starbucks than you ever thought possible and find the stray Starbucks cup, sleeve, or napkin in your car on a regular basis. You learn that driving is exhausting and can quickly lead to burn out. Some days your office ends up looking like this when you come home… You don’t want help with your instruments because you’ve finally found a way to “balance” them all. You know how to improvise because inevitably there comes a day when you leave something important at home. Your car makes strange noises when you turn or hit a bump because of all the instruments in the trunk. You find stray egg shakers and drum sticks in the most random locations. You work strange hours and always take your Read More

Children’s Music Class

There are so many exciting things happening right now!  With the regional music therapy conference this weekend, the potential for two new groups next week, and my expanded hours at the hospital, I am definitely keeping busy! The park district in Lincoln, Illinois has agreed to have me host a music groups for younger children (ages 0-4) and their caregivers as well as songwriting and recording group for homeschool children (ages 7-12). If you know anyone in the area interested in making music, having fun, and learning new things, we would love to have them be a part of the experience!  Below are the fliers for the group along with a news article and links where you can learn more! Groups start April 2nd so SIGN UP NOW!!!   Read More