I Can’t Believe We Finally Moved!

When I graduated with a degree in Music Therapy, I had no idea what my job prospects would be.  I moved to Central Illinois to be with my now husband, Chad, and we settled down in an apartment in Lincoln, Il.  Within my first week as a grad, I started a 4-hour a week position with St. John’s Children’s hospital in Springfield, Il.  I didn’t mind the 40-minute drive because it was only once a week. After two months of only working one day a week, it was time to search for more work. I reached out to Rachel Rambach to let her know I was a new MT in the area.  She excitedly responded and offered me a contract position with Music Therapy Connections and, overnight, my company, On A Good Note, was born.  As I continued to look for other opportunities in Lincoln and moved into a house. I quickly grew the both positions with St. John’s and Music Therapy Connections, and was driving to clients homes all around the Springfield area 4 days a week, plus taking weekend trips Read More

Today is the Day… We Move

TODAY, Rachel and I move into our new office!!!!!! Thursday, August 14, was my LAST DAY traveling to my clients’ homes.  I couldn’t help getting a little emotional. The families I work with have been so welcoming, inviting me into their homes, treating me like a member of the family, and respecting our boundaries during lessons.  I’ve seen younger siblings grow up and been a part of their lives every week for the past two years.  I will definitely miss those parts of teaching in clients’ homes… though I won’t miss living out of my car and all of the issues that come with being a traveling music therapist like this mess when I come home and drop everything after a long day However, there are some AMAZING benefits to having our own studio space.  My students and therapy clients will have a quiet space dedicated solely to the purpose of learning and growing through music.  I have control of the distractions in the room and can use as many or as few props and aids as needed.  I will Read More

Exciting Changes

I have definitely taken some time away from the blog recently.  I have needed all the time I can get and you will soon find out why! Here are some of the BIG changes happening: 1. On A Good Note will be merging with Music Therapy Connections to form Music Therapy Connections, LLC!!!!!!  We are so excited about this big change and the new opportunities it will provide!  Check out the website here! 2. We are moving into a new space!  I will no longer be providing services in homes.  Over the next few weeks we are transitioning to our new location with 3 new studio rooms and a group space we can use! 3. We are offering 4 groups in the fall.  They will include two early childhood music classes, a music therapy social skill group, and a beginner guitar class.  Registration will be up very soon!  4. WE’RE HIRING!!!!!!  We have so many people wanting services that we are looking to hire another music therapist and expand our service EVEN MORE!!! 5. I’m getting married!  On September 6, Read More