Oh, We’re Going for a Ride

I am SOOOO excited to share this new song with you. This song was created nearly 20 years ago by my mom and my aunt while on a car trip.  It has remained an important song in my life and has been a part of every trip for the past 20 years.  I want to thank my mom, Sue Kratz, for helping write and record this song that is so dear to my heart. I hope you can use this song to help transition and get excited about car trips and travel!     Oh, We're Going for a Ride by On A Good Note Read More

2 Fill in the Blank Songs for Music Therapists

The hospital can be a very strange, intimidating, and stressful place for children and their families.  There are new sounds, new people, uncomfortable feelings, and so much that is unfamiliar.  Music therapy can be a great way to comfort, console, and help kids cope with what is going on around them. In my music therapy sessions, I sometimes use fill-in-the-blank songs as a device to get kids talking about their hospitalization or working on coping skills. “In the Hospital” is adapted from the song “In the Jungle”  and asks children to talk about new experiences, sounds, and people at the hospital.   “Take Me Out to the _____” is adapted from “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”  and focuses on describing a child’s favorite place or somewhere they would like to go.   These interventions could be adapted for individuals of all ages and can be used in multiple settings. Below you will find both the FREE printable versions of these songs along with examples.  ENJOY!! In The Hospital – Free Printable In the Hospital (example)  Take Me Out Read More

5 Simple Children’s Songs in Spanish!

Here is a quick list of some simple children’s songs in Spanish!!! “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!” (with English instruction)   Colors, colors – ¡Colores, colores! Hello Song – Buenos Dias Simple Numbers Songs Happy Birthday in English and Spanish This lovely website also has a LONG list of simple Spanish children’s songs.  ENJOY!! Read More