Vlog – Songs and Tips for Music Therapy with Spanish Speaking Clients

I am so excited to share my first vlog today!  I had so much fun recording this that there will definitely be another one at some point soon! All week, I have been sharing ideas on the blog (www.onagoodnote.net/blog) on how to successfully incorporate Spanish into your music therapy session when you don’t speak the language.  In this (first) vlog post I share a couple tips and two simple songs you can use in your music therapy sessions!     Read More

Spanish Words Related to Music

Today, I’ve put together a short resource list of music words and their Spanish Translation.  Though it’s a short post, these links have TONS of valuable information.   http://foxhugh.wordpress.com/spanish/186-spanish-music-vocabulary/     (musical terms) http://www.dmcclure.org/voc-mus.htm   (musical terms) http://www.123teachme.com/spanish_word_for/music    (phrases about music) http://www.enchantedlearning.com/languages/spanish/subjects/music.shtml   (awesome instrument flash cards) http://quizlet.com/3254918/spanish-music-vocabulary-flash-cards/   (Instrument names) http://spanish.wordfor.net/music-in-spanish/   (using musica in a sentence)   ENJOY!!!!! Read More

Vaya a Dormir, Go to Sleep – A Spanish/English Lullaby

At the end of a session with a Spanish speaking client, the client told me they were tired and going to sleep.  The mother in the room asked if I knew any bedtime songs or lullabies in Spanish.  Regretfully, I said no.  As I was about to leave the room, a thought occurred, “Why not write one?”.  So, I asked the mother how to say “go to sleep” is Spanish.  She responded “Vaya a Dormir”.  Now, the dialect they speak has a “b” sound instead of a “v” sound and my pronunciation may be a little off, but the following is the simple lullaby I created on the spot.   I hope you enjoy and fund some peace in this simple song. Read More

5 Simple Children’s Songs in Spanish!

Here is a quick list of some simple children’s songs in Spanish!!! “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes!” (with English instruction)   Colors, colors – ¡Colores, colores! Hello Song – Buenos Dias Simple Numbers Songs Happy Birthday in English and Spanish This lovely website also has a LONG list of simple Spanish children’s songs.  ENJOY!! Read More

7 Quick Tips for Successfully Working Around a Language Barrier

Working in a setting with a diverse population has it’s challenges, especially when there is a language barrier!  I work in a children’s hospital where some of my clients are non-English speakers, but that doesn’t stop me from providing services!  Often people will even recommend music therapy over other modalities because music is universal and doesn’t necessarily require a whole lot of words! Where words fail, music speaks.                                 -Hans Christian Andersen Here are some 7 quick tips for working around a language barrier! 1. Keep it simple  – Keep your intervention simple so they don’t require a lot of explanation.  Let the music do the work instead of the words. 2. Learn the basics – Working in an area where Spanish is prevalent?  Learn to say hello, how are you, music, goodbye, and some of the other basics you know you will need! (stay tuned we will cover this more in an upcoming post!) 3. Let them know – Don’t pretend to know what your client Read More