The Traveling Music Therapist – 12 Apps I LOVE

Whether I am on the road, in my office, or with clients, I almost always have a device with tons of apps I like to use for a variety of purposes.  The following apps I’m going to talk about are apps for business and travel.  Enjoy!

1.  Triplog – mileage tracker.   I loved this app when I started using it because I could press “start trip” and it would use GPS to track my miles.  However, I have poor GPS signal in several of the rural towns I go to so I have taken to manually inputing my miles.  This is a great apps for people in larger cities or areas with great signal strength

2. iCal – I have my google calendar synched with my iCal so that all my events pop up and sometimes even have alarms

3. Chase – I do not live near my bank and am always on the go so I use my Chase app ALL the time

4. Maps – I have given up trying to use my Tom Tom for the reason I stated in #1 and the fact that it needs to be updated.  I use my Maps program nearly wherever I go.

5. Music Teacher’s Helper – This is the program I use to schedule and invoice clients.  The mobile apps is great for setting lesson attendance, checking payments, or letting a family know how much they owe.

6. Find Me GF – I have celiac disease so knowing where I can eat and what I can eat comes in handy!  The “near me” function also let’s me know what is in the area with a gluten free menu.

7. RetailMeNot – Who doesn’t like a deal?

8.  Weather – Umbrella? Jacket?  Sunscreen?

9. Voice Memo – When I’m in the car or need to quickly remember something, I make a voice memo.

10. Notes – I take notes about everything!

11. Wunderlist – the perfect app for all of us list makers

12. All of my social media (facebook, pages, twitter, linkedIn, etc) – for making busines posts on the go!


What are some of your go to apps?

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