We Are… Advocates

As I stated yesterday, it is social media advocacy month for music therapy!   I am thrilled to be a part of this project!   Nearly every day this month I am going to make a different post related to this year’s theme, “We are…”.  This theme centers on exploring and honoring the profession of music therapy as a distinct profession, unique from other professions and professionals with which we work.

To help highlight some of the unique aspects of the music therapy profession, I will be doing a series called the “ABCs of Music Therapy”  Each day I will focus on 1 letter of the alphabet and an adjective describing music therapists.   I hope you will enjoy this series as much as I will and that you can learn something new along the way!


We Are Advocates


Music therapists across the world are continually advocating for themselves, the profession of music therapy, the needs of clients, and for the use of music therapy services!  Not a day goes by where I do not talk about my profession, why music therapy is different, and how it can be beneficial.

Because music therapy is a relatively new and a quickly growing profession, there are many large scale advocacy projects going on around the country.  Many states are working bills regarding licensure and state recognition!  You can read more about these projects here!

To read more about music therapy advocacy you can also check out the American Music Therapy Association or the Certification Board for Music Therapy

How can you help?

Ask questions!  Get involved!  Talk to an MT!  Research!  Write your state representative! Talk to others!  Be an Advocate!


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