We Are… Flexible

People are unpredictable! In turn, therapists working in a field centered around people  must be flexible.  No matter how detailed the session plan or how individualized the specific intervention, you cannot always predict the mood a client will be it, what might have happened in their day, or how they will react at any given moment.  Though we try to anticipate the needs of our clients, sometimes straying from the original plan is unavoidable.  MTs have to adapt to each situation, drawing from their training and knowledge to meet the specific needs of the client in the moment.

In some music therapy settings, such as a hospital, there is a high turn over rate and therapists are given little information about a client before meeting them.  Thus, therapists have to be flexible in assessing the immediate needs of the client and creating a plan on the fly.

In my day to day MT practice, there is a lot of traveling involved.  Weather conditions, traffic, client schedules, and client conflicts or illness play into my need to be flexible in everything I do!  There are so many variables and unknowns that it is imperative to keep and open mind, think on your feet, and problem solve in the moment!

We Are... Flexible

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