We Are… Journal Writers

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice.  That means loads of research all compiled and published in music therapy journals. The American Music Therapy Association produces two scholarly journals where research in music therapy is published and shared, The Journal of Music Therapy and Music Therapy Perspectives.   Music Therapy research and articles are also published in music therapy journals around the world including the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, the British Journal of Music Therapy, the Australian Journal of Music Therapy, etc.

Music Therapy articles often also appeared in the scholarly journals of other related fields including medicine, nursing, and education.

A recent google search of scholarly articles for “music therapy research articles” yielded 123,000 results.  There is so much material researched and written by music therapists and the articles keep coming from all of the dedicated MTs out there!  Take a moment to explore some of the links above and learn a little more about the evidence behind music therapy.

We Are... Journal Writers

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