We Are… Varied

Music Therapists work with a diverse population across an incredible range of settings, thus we cannot be expected to all use the exact same cookie cutter approach.  Music therapy is so individualized and specific to every client, that using the same methods and approaches for everyone would not make sense.  That is one of the many reasons MT’s have to be resourceful and creative!  We have to use what we know and have learned from all the research and apply and adapt that to meet our clients’  needs.  The same song and intervention aren’t going to work the same way for a toddler as it will for a teen.

This variance that occurs within populations and settings also leads to specialization.  Some MT’s work exclusively with older adults or in hospice care, while others work primarily with children in hospitals.  There are unique trainings and continuing education courses that help MT’s become better in these areas and more highly trained and specialized.

Each MT has their own unique skills sets, strengths, and specializations that make them a wonderful asset to the overall field of Music Therapy.  We are unique in that we are varied and can work with such a diverse group of people with an incredible scope of needs.  I would not have it any other way!

We Are...Varied

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