We Are… Well-rounded

If you take a look at the diverse populations and settings MT’s work with, the intense and varied curriculum MT’s have to complete, and the practicum experience MT’s are required to complete, it would be evident that we are pretty well-rounded.

We (MTs) are so many things and wear several hats! Shall we do a brief review?

We Are…

I personally am also a…

  • business owner 
  • blogger
  • PR chair for IAMT
  • lesson instructor
  • contractor
  • and all of the behind the scenes jobs that come with being a business owner


On top of all of those hats, we are musically and clinically well-rounded.  In a single day I often play 3 or more instruments, sing songs ranging from the ABC’s to Johnny Cash to Ke$ha, and work with people across a vast range of ages with a multitude of diagnoses.  

We Are... Well-Rounded

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