A Very Special Christmas Gift – “On Christmas Day” a song by Savanna Schafer

As a music therapist, I have the opportunity to do a lot of song writing.  Often, I am the individual writing songs to meet the specific needs of my clients, but sometimes I have the pleasure of collaborating with my students and clients.

This year, one of my students wanted to write a song for her parents for Christmas.  I was thrilled about the idea!   After some brainstorming, discussion, and lyric writing, she had come up with three versus, a distinct chorus, and a unique ending all based around a Christmas theme!

I am so proud of the finished product she has created and with permission from her family I am able to share it with you! I wish I could have shared this song with you before Christmas, but we wanted it to remain a surprise for her family!  Needless to say, they loved it and were very surprised!


This is Savanna and here is her song, “On Christmas Day”.


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