A Very Special Christmas Gift – “On Christmas Day” a song by Savanna Schafer

As a music therapist, I have the opportunity to do a lot of song writing.  Often, I am the individual writing songs to meet the specific needs of my clients, but sometimes I have the pleasure of collaborating with my students and clients. This year, one of my students wanted to write a song for her parents for Christmas.  I was thrilled about the idea!   After some brainstorming, discussion, and lyric writing, she had come up with three versus, a distinct chorus, and a unique ending all based around a Christmas theme! I am so proud of the finished product she has created and with permission from her family I am able to share it with you! I wish I could have shared this song with you before Christmas, but we wanted it to remain a surprise for her family!  Needless to say, they loved it and were very surprised!   This is Savanna and here is her song, “On Christmas Day”.   On Christmas Day by On A Good Note Read More

Last Minute Music Therapy Intervention Ideas for the Holidays

We’re already in the middle of December! Can you believe it? If your clients are anything like mine, they all want to hear the same three Christmas songs over and over. If you’ve mastered Jingle Bells and sung all of the fa la la’s out of Deck the Halls, then it might be time for a a couple fresh ideas. Below are a couple of my wintery songs as well as links to some other amazing holiday resources posted by music therapists! Songs – It’s Christmas Time Counting Snowflakes    Free Christmas Sheet Music HERE Educational snow and winter chants from Tuned Into Learning 12 Goals of Christmas from Music Therapy = <3 Music Therapy Christmas Carols from Coast Music Therapy Holiday Piggy Back Songs also from Coast Music Therapy  Fresh Holiday Intervention Ideas from Sound Scape Music Therapy   Happy Holidays! Read More

FREE Christmas Music – Making Music Fun

For those of you who teach music lessons or play an instrument yourself, there are few gifts as good as FREE sheet music (for songs you’ll actually use!) I’m always looking for music to share with my students and play in sessions and I like to do it on a budget. Making Music Fun is a great website with tons of resources for teachers and students alike. They have a list of over a hundred different songs divided into categories based on level and genre. Check out their website for awesome resources and TONS of FREE sheet music! http://makingmusicfun.net/htm/printit_piano_sheet_music_index.htm Read More