Inexpensive Props and Dual Purpose Furniture!

I get really excited about finding good deals and new ways to use things I already have! When we moved into our new office space we had to get a little creative because there isn’t a whole ton of room! This is especially true in our therapy room. We needed to have somewhere to put all of our instruments and props, but still leave enough room to conduct a therapy session.IMG_5633

We purchased two large metal cabinets to run along the back wall of the room and house all of our equipment. They have worked splendidly! When we were putting everything away, I noticed that we had a bunch of little magnets and a light bulb instantly went on! Magnets & Metal Cabinets! OF COURSE! Perfect way to do picture scheduling, highlight important things, and give clients another way to manipulate materials! Perfect! A couple of my clients love helping me put up the picture cards and pointing out where we are in our schedule. This large amount of metal space allows us to get creative and be flexible!

One of my favorite places to shop for inexpensive props is Dollar Tree! I love using them for seasonal items as well as year round props like stuffed animals, small instruments I can give to clients or use to breathing, magnets, stickers, and more! Recently, I used colorful scrunchies from dollar tree along with some cheap ribbon and made beautiful streamers to use in my sessions!

What creative ideas have you come up with for repurposing items or creating inexpensive props?IMG_6146IMG_6093



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