Making Music

Being a music therapist means that I am making music quite often.  Wether it’s writing a song with a client, playing familiar music my clients get involved in, conducting a relaxation exercise, or teaching lessons, I am actively involved in music making several hours of every day.

Sometimes, I forget that I need to make music for myself.  A large part of being a music therapist is being a musician.  For me, that means not only making music within a music therapy context, but being involved in music making in my community, growing my personal skill set,  and making music for myself!   I often forget that I am a part of the equation and that my musical interests matter.  I have to actively set aside to make music for personal fulfillment.  This past weekend I had the rare opportunity to do one of the things I love most… make music with my family!

Making music with family

Both my mom (pictured far right) and my sister (far left) are incredible musicians and people.  They remind me every day that what I am doing is important.  Being engaged in music making with them is an unparalleled experience.  We are all so busy with our individual lives that even having the opportunity to be in the same room together is amazing.  Being able to share in something we all love while providing a service to our community is something that can’t be topped.  It was a refreshing experience that has me geared up to take on the rest of the week and make music for others.

So, thought of the day: Take time to do something for yourself.  Enjoy a moment made just for you!

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