My Favorite Things Monday – My piano

Today, my allergies are really acting up! I feel gross, have almost no voice, and just wanted to stay in bed this morning.  One thing helped changed my negative outlook on the day into a positive one… my piano. I may not be a concert pianist or a beautiful solo performer, but I love to play and I enjoy teaching an instrument that people can play their whole lives. If I’m having a bad day, am in a foul mood, or just need a minute to unwind, there is nothing like sitting down at my piano and playing a tune. Somehow, just taking a minute to indulge in music making for myself turns my whole mood around.

pianoI am so thankful to have the gift of music in my life and to have the opportunity to share it with others.   I feel blessed to be able to say, “I love what I do.”

My piano was a gift from a few of my family members.  It was my Aunt’s piano, before she passed.  Her husband and children wanted it to go to a good home where it would be played and loved.  I can promise, it is both well loved and played often!

When I play my piano I am filled with joy, remembering holiday and family gatherings where one person would start playing and soon we’d have the rest of the family standing around singing in four part harmony.   I remember my mom trying to teach me to play and my sister and I playing duets.   Every time I sit down at my piano, it’s like I’m in a different world.  Playing piano is a relaxing, joyous, enthralling escape.

Piani Lessons

In teaching, I want to share that joy                                    and love of music more than anything.

I want to share the passion for                                            life long music making and learning.

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