Find Balance pt. 2 – Taking Time Away

Your time spent outside the office is just as important as your time spent in the office working. It is essential to take care of yourself, rest, and refuel on a regular basis.  Taking time away from your work can be an amazing opportunity to unwind, refocus, and even come up with solutions to problems that have been troubling you at work. Last week, I was feeling absolutely spent.  By Tuesday morning, I thought/hoped it was already Friday.  By brain felt fuzzy and I couldn’t focus on a single thing.  My emails were piling up but I felt completely unmotivated.  I needed a break. One thing I do to help avoid burnout is to take time away!  You don’t have to go far, heck you could even hang out on your couch, but take time away to do something you love and NOT think about work for at least 24 hours. I took this past weekend to travel to Southern Illinois.  While there, Chad and I hit the wine trail, went to a beach, explored some small towns, cooked delicious Read More

Finding Balance – Physical Wellness

I’m not going to lie, there is a TON going on in my world right now.  This year I’ve taken on several large projects (including my wedding) on top of my already nearly full-time case load.  All I can say, is thank goodness I don’t have kids yet! Perhaps, in the future, yes, but I don’t know how moms do it!  Kudos to all those moms out there who are doing it all!  You are truly amazing (and Happy Belated Mother’s Day!) Because I’ve taken on SO MUCH this year, I’m having to find ways to make it all work.  I was talking to a friend the other day who knew exactly the feeling of not giving any one thing your ALL and trying to play catch up on every front.  It’s tough and I really dislike feeling that way. So, I’ve started taking some initiative.  As therapists, we preach about self-care.  How many people actually take the time to stop and take care of themselves though?  I believe it is incredibly important, so I’m working to restore some sense Read More