Happy New Year – Looking back at 2015

After our wedding in September 2014, life for Chad and I was supposed to slow down.  I remember telling myself every day leading up to our nuptials that it would “be ok, you’ll have plenty of down time when you get back from your honeymoon”.  Never have I been so wrong.  As soon as we got home from our honeymoon, life resumed it’s hectic pace but at an even faster speed. Even though it’s been busy, it has been the most crazy, fantastic ride! Two years ago this week, Rachel Rambach and I sat down to talk about the holidays, our favorite books and plans for the new year over a casual cup of coffee at Target (both of which are still big parts of our routine).  We talked about life and how great it would be to open a music therapy clinic space.   And that was just the start… Within months, Rachel and I had formed an LLC and started renting space from Capitol City Music in Springfield, IL. We created early childhood classes that have take off Read More

Resolution Check-In

At the beginning of the year, I made a post with some of my New Year’s Resolutions.  I outlined my hopes and dreams for the coming year as well as some specific goals I wanted to accomplish.  While it is all good and well to make those goals, sometimes a check-in is needed.  Though I didn’t post many specific things on the blog, I definitely journaled about them. This check-in is prompted by two amazing visits I had over the past couple days.  Because of my location, travel, and busy schedule, I often go MONTHS without talking to another music therapist, especially about my practice or myself.  On Friday, I had the opportunity to talk business strategy with Kat Fulton and today I had the pleasure of sitting down for coffee with Rachel Rambach.  Both are amazing and inspirational people, especially in the world of music therapy.  If you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend doing so!  They got me thinking about my goals and what I have on my agenda. My original goals were growth, balance, and sustainability Read More

Happy New Year! – 2013 year in review and a new set of goals.

When I started looking back at this past year, I thought it had flown way to quickly and that I hadn’t accomplished very much. Then I started making a list, a quick list of everything I had done, everywhere I had been, and all I had accomplished over the course of 2013. After making a simple mental list, I quickly began to realize just where that year had gone. Here are a couple of the highlights: Updating my office Presenting to the Lincoln, IL Rotary Club, the Council for Exceptional Children, and a large hospice company. Performing with a local band. Celebrating 1 year of being a music therapist Celebrating 1 year of business Was featured as the IAMT member spotlight Starting the On A Good Note website, blog, facebook, twitter, and personal LinkedIn Traveling all over the country Learning to record using Garage Band and releasing over a dozen songs Offering several FREE resources on the website throughout the year AND working on a couple new and exciting opportunities for the coming year! Those will have to wait for Read More