We Are… Healthful

Music Therapy is not only a wonderful resource for individuals with special needs or illness, it can also be a great tool for people seeking health and wellness.  When I have explained music therapy in the past, a typical response has been, “That makes sense!  Music definitely can change my mood, motivate me, or help me relax depending on what I’m listening to!”  While individual music listening isn’t the premise of music therapy, I can certainly see where people make the connection.  They are right, music can help with mood, motivation, and relaxation in every day life,  but there are many more benefits to working with a music therapist. Healthy individuals can use music thearpy for stress reduction via active music making, such as drumming, as well as passive listening for relaxation. Music Therapists can facilitate interventions for stress management and relaxation.  Music Therapists can also work with clients who are grieving, dealing with chronic pain, chronic illness, depression, stress, or who are looking for spiritual or personal growth.  Music therapy can also be used in assisting labor and delivery. Some Read More