Phonics Flash Card Games and Songs

I love picking up new things to incorporate into my sessions.  The Target dollar spot sometimes has some great finds!  On a recent trip, I picked up a pack of phonics cards.  I have several clients who are working on a lot of speech and academic goals.  I love these cards because they are so diverse.   Not only can you work on identifying letters and their sounds, but each picture has several objects that start with the the letter at the top of the card.  On the backs of the cards are several words on the back. Not only do I ask clients to identify letters, sounds, and words, but I ask them to talk about the picture on the card.  I use the simple song below to prompt clients to look up at the card and tell me what they see! How do you use flash cards in your sessions? Read More

Oh, We’re Going for a Ride

I am SOOOO excited to share this new song with you. This song was created nearly 20 years ago by my mom and my aunt while on a car trip.  It has remained an important song in my life and has been a part of every trip for the past 20 years.  I want to thank my mom, Sue Kratz, for helping write and record this song that is so dear to my heart. I hope you can use this song to help transition and get excited about car trips and travel!     Oh, We're Going for a Ride by On A Good Note Read More

Music Therapy Songwriting

I am so excited to be talking about one of my favorite topics this week… SONGWRITING! I love songwriting (if you couldn’t already tell from my music page)! I write new songs nearly every day of the week.  Some of them stick and become recorded, published works, where as others are never heard by another soul. Songwriting doesn’t have to be a serious process, but I promise, the more you do it the better you will get.  My songwriting practice occurs all day, every day, singing to the dog, singing to myself in the car, recapping my day in song format, etc. During piano lessons, I’ll spontaneously create songs to give instructions or teach a new concept and my students ask, “how did you do that?”  Easy, I sing my thoughts and ideas and occasionally come up with great rhymes.  It’s that simple. Sometimes, my songs are more thought out and start with an idea on a piece of paper that gradually evolves into lyrics with a chorus and verses that take a week or more to complete. Often, I’m Read More