We Are.. Therapists

When I am working at the children’s hospital, I often hear people say, “Hey Music Lady!”  While I love that people enjoy having me around and love that I make music with the kids, they are missing a full HALF of my job title.  A very, very important half.

I am not just the music lady.  I don’t simply play with the kids. I don’t haul around multiple bags of instruments and things just for fun. 


When people use the term “music lady” to describe me, I often start up a casual conversation about the music I provide at the hospital and throw in the words, “goal-oriented“, “board certified“, and “therapist”.   Those words generate a lot of questions and start a real conversation about the therapeutic side of my job.

Like other therapists, MTs treat physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual needs and work to improve clients’ health.  The difference?  MTs use music-based interventions to achieve our goals.

Being a therapist means that we have a therapeutic relationship with the client. We are not their parent, friend, teacher, favorite music artist, playmate, peer, etc.  MTs are there to provide a therapeutic services meant to treat specific needs.  They must follow a code of ethics, adhere to HIPPA laws, and always maintain a professional relationship.


We Are... Therapists


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