Advocacy is… Talking to Everyone.

When I hear the word “advocacy”, the first things that come to mind are not what I consider pretty or terribly fun:  Pamphlets, long speeches, campaigns, crusades, answering endless questions, hill days, long hours.   While these things are often necessary in making progress (especially politically) and someone probably loves doing those things,  they are not generally my reality.  For me, advocacy looks a lot more like “connecting with people”. I talk A LOT!  Some people would argue that I talk too much. BUT it comes in handy.  Being a talker means that I get the rare opportunity to talk with tons of people and make AWESOME connections all the time. Example: Yesterday, my husband and I happened upon a wine tasting at a local shop.  Of course we had to stay for a bit… who wouldn’t (tasting 10 wines for $1, no brainer).  While there, I started talking, with everyone.  I laughed, saying that one of the kids I work with had given me the gift certificate to the wine store. That lead to a question about what I do.  In turn, I asked Read More

#MTadvocacy re:Vision

As we near the end of January, the Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy month is coming to a close.  Last year, I blogged every day in January, talking about a different aspect of music therapy using the series The ABCs of Music Therapy.  This year’s theme is re:Vision, inspired by the January 2015 release of the Scope of Music Therapy Practice (2015) and centers on how we convert challenges to advocacy opportunities. This past year has been a long series of revisions and advocacy for me and for On A Good Note.  It was almost exactly a year ago that I was talking with Rachel Rambach about growing music therapy in central Illinois.  Since then we’ve made several changes including merging our practices, moving our business,  and continuing to grow our online presence. I practice being an active advocate every day, in most everything I do.  Whether it is answering questions, making suggestions, providing resources, etc.  With a simple smile and a handshake I continue to connect people to music therapy. Today, I have the unique opportunity to advocate for music Read More

ABCs of Music Therapy – Wrap-up

As a part of Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month, I have been putting out a new post EVERY DAY with the ABCs of Music Therapy.  Each letter highlights a unique aspect of music therapy/music therapists.  I have so enjoyed completing this project and hope you will continue to follow my journey as I put out new resources, songs, stories, and information every week! If you want to check out the posts you missed, you can find them here! To wrap-up this month of advocacy, I’m providing everyone with a free printable poster of the ABC’s of Music Therapy! Click this link to download your free printout now! ABC’s of Music Therapy – Free Printable Read More

We Are… Zany

We are different.  We can be unconventional.  We sometimes seem foreign.  We can be perceived as bizarre or strange.   We are zany and that’s what makes us awesome!  All of the things that make Music Therapists unique are the things that make us work! If you haven’t yet, I invite you to take a minute to check of the rest of the ABCs of Music Therapy.  Find out more about MT and become an advocate!  Have questions?  Feel free to contact me at any time!   Looking for an MT in your area?  Check here! Keep in touch!  Be Well!  Play On! Read More

We Are… Yearning

Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month is all about advocating for the growth and recognition of Music Therapy across the US. WE ARE YEARNING for state recognition  acceptance/coverage by insurance new accredited university education programs New accredited internship sites and overall growth of our field   You can help MTs achieve these goals by becoming an effective advocate! What is an advocate? “Advocacy is…for anyone Regardless of experience or professional training, a successful advocate is someone with passion and commitment for a cause or an idea, who tells a convincing story expressing their beliefs and passion.” How can you help? Check out these ideas from the American Music Therapy Association and the Illinois Association for Music Therapy!  OR contact your state music therapy organization and attend MT events in your area! Read More