Falling in Love over Almond Milk

It’s Wednesday.  It’s your ordinary, middle of the week, kind of day.  Chad left to go help his Dad at work early this morning.  I took my time getting up and getting moving.  The dog decided to laze around for hours.  It’s your average Wednesday.  As I got up this morning to start my day, nothing felt different or special.  I sat on my computer catching up on a few tasks and making my way through some work with my first cup of coffee.

I worked on cleaning up around the house a little, folding laundry, and slowly put myself together for the day.  When I went back down to the kitchen and started making my coffee, I made it same exact way I always make my coffee.    Half a pack of Truvia in the bottom my cup, a breakfast blend K cup, topped off with almond milk and a quick stir.   Everything was the same.

It was when I went to grab the almond milk out of the fridge that my heart skipped a beat.

You see, Chad went to the grocery store yesterday.  I was so grateful that he was willing to tackle that task yesterday.  Trying to go to the grocery store myself would have meant either leaving way earlier than I wanted to or getting home far later than I wanted and would have meant skipping my work out for the day.  Chad gave me the gift of time yesterday by offering to go to the store and tackling our rather large grocery list.   I was so thankful when I came home yesterday to find that he had not only gone to the grocery store but also picked up everything on the list, grabbed things he knew we needed that weren’t on the list, planned for dinners for the week and picked up the necessary ingredients, put everything away, and was working on dinner.  I could have cried I was so happy.   By doing that he gave me the opportunity to relax and go for a run after which we had a great night eating a meal we had prepared together.

This morning was back to being just another Wednesday until I reached for the almond milk.  Behind it, I noticed one of the items Chad had picked up from the list was another half gallon of almond milk. I was elated when I saw it!! It wasn’t the fact that he had picked up something on the list itself, but the fact that it was the right kind.  HE GOT THE RIGHT KIND OF ALMOND MILK!!!  

This might seem like an absurd thing to get so excited about, but do you know how many kinds of almond milk there are???  Sweetened, unsweetened, flavored, original, etc.  The brand itself doesn’t matter to me, but I always go with the original unsweetened.   Not only have I never asked him to pick up almond milk before, he also doesn’t use the almond milk himself.  It’s usually all for me.  What that means is that he has been listening to me and paying attention to those little details.  It’s not the fact that he picked up almond milk or went to the grocery store, but the notion that he got the right kind and without needing to ask.   That’s what made me fall in love with my best friend all over again. 

The almond milk was a strange little reminder that he is always looking out for me and my preferences and that he’s thinking about me.   Grand gestures aren’t the ones that get me the most.  It’s the little reminders that I am married to someone who loves me more than I could possibly imagine and who cares about the little stupid things like what kind of almond milk I prefer. 

The little things are the ones that matter.  They are the moments that make life so wonderful and that fill me with joy every day.  The little things are the ones I want to share more of.

You may have noticed I’ve been away from the blog for a while and there’s been a lack of new content.  Over the past several months, there have been some huge shifts in my personal and business life that have left me unsure how to continue with this site and have left me little time to really work toward any ideas I’ve had.  I’ve been a little lost as to where to go, but all while knowing that I didn’t want to let On A Good Note simply fade away.  The almond milk moment this morning made me not only fall in love with my husband all over, but made me fall in love with the idea of sharing these moments with you.  So, to sum it all up, this page is headed in a different direction and I’m so in love with the idea of sharing new things with you.   

It’s going to look a little different and there’s going to be a shift away from my original content, but what I am going to be sharing are more of the little things (and big moments) that help me live life to the fullest and the things that help me end my day On a Good Note. 🙂

I’d love to hear about some of the little things and good notes that you cherish or that help you get through your day.

Until next time,


My Musical Journey

Over the past couple years, I have been singing on and off with an incredible band, Fun DMC.  A few months ago, the opportunity arose to sing with this great group of guys permanently.  It is such an incredible outlet for me and with the most fantastic people,  so I simply could not say no.  In a recent blog post on our band page, I told the full story of my musical journey.  I’ve never shared this much of my journey in one place so I wanted to share it here as well.  1185791_10151862830637603_1500039738_n13466481_10154259409702603_3691998275008884681_n

My story covers everything from my first encounters in music, participating in every choir I could throughout school, and my most recent endeavors as a music therapist and business owner.

Check it out HERE

Leave a comment or send me a message.I’d love to here more about your musical journey as well!!  – Katey

Welcome 2017

Welcome 2017.  I’m so glad you are here.

The past year has flown by and was filled with it’s fair share of ups and downs.  We recapped some of the big business details in our most recent podcast episode of the Creative Business Breakdown but as for a personal recap let’s just say it’s been a very expensive year.  We’ve had some major repair issues with our semi-new (to us) OLD home, some great travels, and to top it all off my beautiful sister got married.  We’ve had some incredible adventures with some mishaps along the way, but ended the year in the best way possible by spending the last week with our friends and family celebrating the holidays and happy events.

We rang in the new year a little differently this year.  For the past few months I’ve been singing full time with a band made up of some of my favorite people, Fun DMC.  I am so thankful for each and every one of them (and their families) and love having the opportunity to perform so frequently.  So, of course, singing with a band meant performing for an awesome crowd on New Year’s Eve.



I’ve spent some time reflecting on what I want 2017 to look like.  2016 was a huge year of making important and very personal decisions/choices.  In 2016, I made the choice to engage in self-care regularly and put my needs first.  I made the choice to love myself and those around me more fully.  I made the choice to not give into so much of the anxiety I’ve dealt with in the past and live a more happy life overall.

Those weren’t choices made in a single moment, but little decisions I’ve reinforced over and over again throughout the year in an attempt to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.   Those choice have been life-changing.

In 2017, I plan to continue making those positive choices, but also with the intention of wasting less and being more.  By that I mean wasting less time, energy, money, resources, etc. and being more present, engaged, hands-on, and in the moment.

My resolution for 2017 isn’t one based in calorie counting (thank goodness because we definitely enjoyed some mac ‘n’ cheese and fried chicken last night) or the number of times I’m going to the gym or completing any task, but instead is a resolution regarding mindfulness.   I want to be more aware of how I’m feeling, what’s going on around me, and where I really need to be focusing my attention instead of simply being swept up in checking social media, instantly responding to emails or texts, or simply going through the motions of each day.

I want to bring focus back on to what matters most in my life without feeling any hesitation, reservations, guilt, regret, or remorse.  Basically, I’m incorporating more joy in my daily diet.

If you have any ideas of how I can physically track this goal or ways in which you are being more mindful in the new year, I’d love to hear more.

Happy New Year!

Today’s The Day… for Shifting Gears and Changing Directions.

August 14th has held a strange significance for the past few years.  Two years ago, I had may last day driving to clients’ homes and announced my merger with Music Therapy Connections and the formation of an LLC with Rachel Rambach. Last year, I had my last day in our first set of studios and finished packing up everything to move into our new offices.  Today, I celebrate one year in our new space and share with you some changes that will be happening on this site.

Avoiding burnout

Life has taken a few dramatic turns over the past few years. When I moved to central Illinois (where there were no music therapy jobs and I was leaving everything and basically everyone I knew behind), I established On A Good Note as my own music therapy private practice.  This website was initially created with sole intention of drumming up business.  It has since seen several evolutions during which I’ve moved from wanting to simply gain new clients, to sharing songs, ideas, music therapy interventions, self-care tips, and more.   As of late, the blog and website have felt like more of a space where I can create and share other more unique, in-depth, and definitely more personal content.  I haven’t needed to share about lessons or therapy because we have our business page (musictherapyconnections.org) for that.  I haven’t shared as many MT or teaching resources because we have our new resource site (lead.listenlearnmusic.com) as well.  However, I’ve enjoyed the move into this new personal space so much, that the website it getting an overhaul!

Now don’t panic!!  All the things you are used to seeing aren’t going away.  I’m still sharing TONS of music therapy resources and songs, just on  lead.listenlernmusic.com and our Music Therapy Connections website and facebook page.  I urge you to check them out and follow our weekly blogs and videos as they are dedicated solely to music therapy, business, teaching, and professional growth.

If you’ve been hanging out on my site for more of the behind the scenes look at entrepreneurial life, self-care, creativity, projects, lifestyle, wellness, and all-around more personal side of things, then you will be seeing much more of that!

There is always so much happening in life and in the world around that I will be sharing some of the best and most positive or insightful things with you that I can. You may also be seeing some guest appearances and content from some of my favorite people in this world. So please, stay tuned and follow along on the journey as things unfold. It’s going to be a wonderful ride!

For now: find your happy place, lead with your heart, etc. etc. etc.

Can’t wait to share more soon! -Katey

Self-Care: Check-in

At the moment, I feel pretty great.  I’ve slept in the past two mornings.  I’m currently sitting at my kitchen island with no makeup on, drinking fresh homemade lemon ginger tea.  I’ve actually gotten to see and spend time with my husband the past two days (which is incredibly rare because of our conflicting work schedules).  Not to mention, I’ve been “catching up” on some things that have taken a back seat recently. I feel pretty awesome at the moment.  I’ve found my chill.  My Happy Place.

lemon ginger tea

But the past couple weeks (let’s all be honest here… the past couple months really) I’ve been a mess.  I’ve been so caught up in the hustle of every day life and work. I haven’t been sleeping well.  I’ve been stressing excessively about everything going on both at work and at home (all good stuff, promise! just lots of it). And  my body has been sending me huge flashing signs that things aren’t right.  I’ve been feeling sick, tired, and achy but all without being actually sick.

I’ve been in a not so great place both mentally and physically.  

Last weekend was a huge turning point.  I had the most incredible opportunity to stop everything, travel to another state, spend time with incredible people, eat awesome food, get a little spoiled, enjoy amazing scenery, laugh, and just relax.

2016-05-27 20.41.13

The best part???  I didn’t open my computer, check my email, or return any phone calls (except to my amazing husband at home) for THREE DAYS!  3 DAYS!

Rachel and I even went live on facebook on our way home to talk about how we need to invest more in self-care because she and I had never gone three days without talking about work.

Since getting home on Monday afternoon, I’ve done my best to stay in that positive place and keep going with the self-care.  For me that means getting a good night’s sleep.  Going for a run.  Getting a massage, occasionally.  Stopping to spend time with my mom.  Having dinner with people I love. Taking time to put on my makeup and dress nicely when leaving the house. Listening to a podcast. Making tea.  Lazing on the couch. Etc.

The phrase “sleep begets sleep” has come up a lot in conversation the past couple months and I think it can translate really nicely to self-care.  Self-care begets self-care.  It is a practice, a habit, a mindset, and a routine.  Self-care does not always come easy to me, so I have to practice.  Some weeks, I do better than others.  But I know the more I practice taking care of myself the easier it will come and the better off I will be for it in the end.  It has never been more clear to me that “you cannot take care of others until you take care of yourself.”   Resting, treating my body well, and tuning into my overall well-being help me to really hustle when I need to and to be more present and helpful for others.

How do you engage in self-care?