ABCs of Music Therapy – Wrap-up

As a part of Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month, I have been putting out a new post EVERY DAY with the ABCs of Music Therapy.  Each letter highlights a unique aspect of music therapy/music therapists.  I have so enjoyed completing this project and hope you will continue to follow my journey as I put out new resources, songs, stories, and information every week! If you want to check out the posts you missed, you can find them here! To wrap-up this month of advocacy, I’m providing everyone with a free printable poster of the ABC’s of Music Therapy! Click this link to download your free printout now! ABC’s of Music Therapy – Free Printable Read More

We Are… Zany

We are different.  We can be unconventional.  We sometimes seem foreign.  We can be perceived as bizarre or strange.   We are zany and that’s what makes us awesome!  All of the things that make Music Therapists unique are the things that make us work! If you haven’t yet, I invite you to take a minute to check of the rest of the ABCs of Music Therapy.  Find out more about MT and become an advocate!  Have questions?  Feel free to contact me at any time!   Looking for an MT in your area?  Check here! Keep in touch!  Be Well!  Play On! Read More

We Are… Yearning

Music Therapy Social Media Advocacy Month is all about advocating for the growth and recognition of Music Therapy across the US. WE ARE YEARNING for state recognition  acceptance/coverage by insurance new accredited university education programs New accredited internship sites and overall growth of our field   You can help MTs achieve these goals by becoming an effective advocate! What is an advocate? “Advocacy is…for anyone Regardless of experience or professional training, a successful advocate is someone with passion and commitment for a cause or an idea, who tells a convincing story expressing their beliefs and passion.” How can you help? Check out these ideas from the American Music Therapy Association and the Illinois Association for Music Therapy!  OR contact your state music therapy organization and attend MT events in your area! Read More

We Are… Xylophone Players

Now let’s be serious, how many adjectives do you know that start with the letter “x”.  If you know any that are appropriate for music therapists, please let me know and I while certainly update this post. However, for the moment, I am sticking with xylophone players.  It’s true, many of us have played a xylophone or another instrument similar to a xylophone.  There are some amazing improvisation interventions based around xylophones and Orff instruments. MT’s also play tons of other awesome instruments as well! AND often lug them everywhere they go! As evidenced by this picture:   Some of the other wonderful instruments I keep in my arsenal include these items: Djembes Rainsticks Bongos A Ukulele Kalimba Ocean Drums Shakers Paddle Drums Boomwhackers Handdrums Shakers AND tons of other small instruments  I, along with many other MTs, am continually acquiring new instruments and still my “wish” list is growing!  MT’s play so many instruments and are always learning new things! Read More

We Are… Well-rounded

If you take a look at the diverse populations and settings MT’s work with, the intense and varied curriculum MT’s have to complete, and the practicum experience MT’s are required to complete, it would be evident that we are pretty well-rounded. We (MTs) are so many things and wear several hats! Shall we do a brief review? We Are… advocates collaborators educators journal writers musicians songwriters therapists AND SO MUCH MORE! I personally am also a… business owner  blogger PR chair for IAMT lesson instructor contractor and all of the behind the scenes jobs that come with being a business owner   On top of all of those hats, we are musically and clinically well-rounded.  In a single day I often play 3 or more instruments, sing songs ranging from the ABC’s to Johnny Cash to Ke$ha, and work with people across a vast range of ages with a multitude of diagnoses.   Read More