Counting Snowflakes – A Song for Counting

I’m always looking for new seasonal songs.  This new counting song is a good tune to prepare for the winter months! With words and pictures related to snowflakes falling and blowing through the air, you can’t pass it up. Several of my clients are working on goals related to counting, math, vocalization, articulation, creating eye contact, following directions, and taking turns.  This song naturally helps facilitate those goals.  Clients have to listen for the number given at the end of the song then place the correct number off snowflakes on the ground or in the middle of the group.  Clients can be instructed to count out loud, count the total number of snowflakes, count how many are left, or can be asked to pass the snowflakes to a friend depending on the specific goals of each client. This is a versatile counting song perfect for those winter months!   Counting Snowflakes by On A Good Note Read More


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Favorite Resource – Pinterest

Sometimes I get stuck in a rut, doing the same things and singing the same songs during sessions. I know that if it’s getting repetitive and boring for me, then it is definitely starting to feel that way for my client.  New material can not only reenergize your sessions but can support your clients needs in new and exciting ways.  Often I create my own materials, write my own songs, and develop specific interventions for my individual clients.  However, I sometimes need a little inspiration.  That is where Pinterest comes into play. Pinterest is used by therapists, parents, teachers, artists, and musicians all over wanting to share their ideas, interventions, and songs!  Whenever I’m looking for something new to use with a particular client, I know I can search pinterest and always find something helpful.   After logging in for the first time, you can start to search for topics, ideas, people, and websites.  One search I recently completed was for DIY instruments.  After typing in the desired topic and hitting the search button, a full screen of pictures containing those Read More

Free Printable Practice Chart

I encourage all of my students to practice.  It doesn’t have to be a lot of practice, as long as my students make an effort to look at their materials a couple times a week.  Some of my students need a little extra help when it comes to practicing.  That is why I developed this simple Practice Chart for students and their families to use between lessons. Not only do students get to check off the days they practice, but they also get the opportunity to set a goal for themselves.  Goals can relate to the number of days practiced each week or the amount of time spent practicing within the week.  Many of my students like the idea of getting a small prize for achieving their goal.  I work with each student to come up with a suitable prize.  Some prizes I have used in the past include sharing a favorite song on YouTube, playing 5 minutes of a musical game on the iPad, bringing a special instrument to play, allowing the student to take home a small instrument Read More

Music Therapy Week – Resource Sharing Part 2

Last week was music therapy week here in Illinois.  On Wednesday I shared resources that IAMT had been putting out each day of the week.  Here are the last three resources from the week.  Happy Monday! In case you missed it, check out the First 4 Resources. Resource #5 – ONLINE CMTE’S at MUSICTHERAPYED.COM “Need to get some more CMTE’s?  Having difficulty finding CMTE’s that fit into your busy schedule? to the rescue!  This MT-BC run website is a fantastic resource that provides CBMT approved courses available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all from your computer, iPad, tablet or iPhone.  Through the website you can access a wide variety of CMTE courses that you can take wherever you are, at your own pace, and from a number of qualified instructors. MT-BC’s around the country have given this resource rave reviews and we suggest you give it a try!” Resource #6 – Free Chord and Lead Sheet Databases: ULTIMATE GUITAR and WIKIFONIA “ is one of the most extensive FREE guitar chord/tab databases online.  You can search and submit Read More