The Traveling Music Therapist – Apps I LOVE part 2

When I posted about the apps I love to use on the road, there are a few of my absolute favorite that I forgot!  Here are a few bonus apps to round out the bunch I listed yesterday!   Enjoy!

1. On Song – A wonderful app for downloading, organizing, and creating lyric and chords sheets that you can always have on hand digitally.

2.  Music Notes – I have an account with where I download the majority of music for my students.  What’s nice about the app is that once you purchase the song, you also have a digital copy available that can be transposed into most any key!  You can also add any of the notes you need, highlight specific words, notes, or parts, and easily flip between pages.

3.  Wordpress – Because my website it done through wordpress, I love having the app handy.  This way I can write blog posts from Starbucks, my car, or hotel room (at conferences or on vacation) without having to lug my computer along!   I can also make several edits to my pages as needed.

4. Dropbox – for sharing & keeping files

Other apps that have been suggested to me that you may want to check out on your own: 

  • Dragon Dictation 
  • Super Duper Data Tracker
  • Expensify
  • DocScan – Mobile scanner for iPad

Do you have other favorite apps?

The Traveling Music Therapist – 12 Apps I LOVE

Whether I am on the road, in my office, or with clients, I almost always have a device with tons of apps I like to use for a variety of purposes.  The following apps I’m going to talk about are apps for business and travel.  Enjoy!

1.  Triplog – mileage tracker.   I loved this app when I started using it because I could press “start trip” and it would use GPS to track my miles.  However, I have poor GPS signal in several of the rural towns I go to so I have taken to manually inputing my miles.  This is a great apps for people in larger cities or areas with great signal strength

2. iCal – I have my google calendar synched with my iCal so that all my events pop up and sometimes even have alarms

3. Chase – I do not live near my bank and am always on the go so I use my Chase app ALL the time

4. Maps – I have given up trying to use my Tom Tom for the reason I stated in #1 and the fact that it needs to be updated.  I use my Maps program nearly wherever I go.

5. Music Teacher’s Helper – This is the program I use to schedule and invoice clients.  The mobile apps is great for setting lesson attendance, checking payments, or letting a family know how much they owe.

6. Find Me GF – I have celiac disease so knowing where I can eat and what I can eat comes in handy!  The “near me” function also let’s me know what is in the area with a gluten free menu.

7. RetailMeNot – Who doesn’t like a deal?

8.  Weather – Umbrella? Jacket?  Sunscreen?

9. Voice Memo – When I’m in the car or need to quickly remember something, I make a voice memo.

10. Notes – I take notes about everything!

11. Wunderlist – the perfect app for all of us list makers

12. All of my social media (facebook, pages, twitter, linkedIn, etc) – for making busines posts on the go!


What are some of your go to apps?

Apps I Love for Songwriting – MOGUL

I was in a lesson with a teenage student when I saw they were writing down the lyrics to a new song using an app.  Within the app she was able to look up rhyming words, synonyms, antonyms, download beats, and more.  I was really excited by the idea of this app and had to share it with you all!  I have not personally used it, but it looks really interesting!

The App is called MOGUL and is for the iPhone and iPad.

The following is part of a description from

MOGUL is a simple to use, yet fully featured songwriting app. Songwriter’s can use the built in reference tools to define words and find rhymes, synonyms and antonyms. Words can be collected and saved in an idea bank for later use. It allows users to create and store all of their lyrics in one place and for the serious songwriter it provides the ability to easily search and sort through hundreds of documents.

Recording Studio:
MOGUL comes equipped with three vocal tracks for recording audio and one beat track for playback. Singers can buy, download or import beats from within MOGUL for use as backing tracks when recording vocals.

Each track has its own volume fader allowing users to get the proper mix before bouncing and sharing the finished song.

Integrated Beat Store:
MOGUL is powered by, an online royalty free music catalog that includes more than 25,000 Beat Tracks(TM) by some of the hottest music producers from around the globe.

Beat Tracks(TM) are available in the popular Hip Hop, Pop and R&B genres and are fully composed instrumentals ready to be used in the studio. Such variety makes it is easy for artists to find and license the perfect beat, add vocals and make hit music!

With this release of MOGUL 1.0 only a dozen beat track titles are available for in app purchases or free downloads, but hundreds more will be added in the coming weeks.

Artists can publish their hits to the built in Mogul Zone community to build a fan base and become the ultimate Mogul!

Completed songs can be published to SoundCloud and can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

iCloud integration allows artists to start projects on the iPhone and continue seamlessly on the iPad or vice versa.

“MOGUL was designed with the Hip Hop artist in mind. It is an all in one workstation for iPhone and iPad that allows singers to import beats, write lyrics, record vocals and make hit music!” says Moore.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* Universal Application
* 9.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MOGUL 1.0 is being offered at an introductory price of $2.99, Over 70% off of its regular price of $9.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. If you would like more information about MOGUL or would like to schedule an interview with Mr. Moore, please send an email request.