Spring is in the Air

In a recent post about taking advantage of the weather, I mentioned making music outside and using the spring weather to inspire some song writing.  Today, I am sharing the quick recording my student and I made of her song “Spring is in the Air”.  All of the words and chords were written by my student with very little input or advice from myself.  Though she originally played the ukulele and sang the song, I am playing the ukulele in the recording simply because we were very short on time. I hope you enjoy this spring song written and recorded by one of my young students. Check out the track HERE!  Read More

Teaching Lessons: Taking Advantage of the Weather

Yesterday, I was sitting outside on my porch swing, doing some work, when my student was dropped off 15 minutes early for her lesson.  She walked up to the house, piano books and ukulele in hand, ready to play.  I didn’t have another lesson going on at the time so we didn’t really have an excuse to wait for the scheduled time to start. I decided to take advantage of the situation and the weather.  The student took a seat beside me on the porch swing and we decided to do our ukulele lesson outside!  It was so gorgeous out, how could I not take the opportunity to do a lesson outside??? After tuning the ukulele, practicing the new chords we had been working on, and reviewing a familiar song, we decided to take things one step further and use the glorious spring weather to write a song. With very little prompting and only a couple suggestions, my student was able to use her surroundings to inspire the lyrics to a multi-verse song with a full chorus and a set Read More

Children’s Music Class

There are so many exciting things happening right now!  With the regional music therapy conference this weekend, the potential for two new groups next week, and my expanded hours at the hospital, I am definitely keeping busy! The park district in Lincoln, Illinois has agreed to have me host a music groups for younger children (ages 0-4) and their caregivers as well as songwriting and recording group for homeschool children (ages 7-12). If you know anyone in the area interested in making music, having fun, and learning new things, we would love to have them be a part of the experience!  Below are the fliers for the group along with a news article and links where you can learn more! Groups start April 2nd so SIGN UP NOW!!! http://www.onagoodnote.net/classes/ http://logancountyherald.com/454/69960/a/music-classes-being-offered-at-the-park-district   Read More