My Musical Journey

Over the past couple years, I have been singing on and off with an incredible band, Fun DMC.  A few months ago, the opportunity arose to sing with this great group of guys permanently.  It is such an incredible outlet for me and with the most fantastic people,  so I simply could not say no.  In a recent blog post on our band page, I told the full story of my musical journey.  I’ve never shared this much of my journey in one place so I wanted to share it here as well.  1185791_10151862830637603_1500039738_n13466481_10154259409702603_3691998275008884681_n

My story covers everything from my first encounters in music, participating in every choir I could throughout school, and my most recent endeavors as a music therapist and business owner.

Check it out HERE

Leave a comment or send me a message.I’d love to here more about your musical journey as well!!  – Katey

Test of Trust

This year has been almost like one giant trust exercise. Like the trust fall you see in Mean Girls… but only an entire year of being vulnerable, putting my truths out there, and hoping people will catch me.  (So not truly like the scene in Mean Girls, but you get the point.)

trust fall

Trepidatious. is a word I commonly use to describe myself.  In other words, I am often apprehensive and have trouble accepting help or jumping in to new things because I get anxious and feel as though something bad or unpleasant is going to happen. The unfamiliar and new can be really REALLY scary. So, I sit and think of every possible question or problem that could arise before moving forward or handing over the reigns. I organize and try to solve problems before they even seem to be there… But what else does this make me sound like? A control freak, maybe? Definitely. Probably. But as long as I’m in control and asking the questions and handling things then less can go wrong, right? WRONG. Trying to do it all is not healthy… In case you were wondering.

As I said, this year has been one giant trust exercise and man has it been good for me. As our team and business have rapidly grown, I have had to (or I have chosen to take the scary step to) hand over some things to other people and fret less over the things that COULD go wrong. Instead, I have been choosing to handle more things in the moment and trust the team I have surrounded myself with. I chose those people for a reason. I let them in for a reason. So, if I just trust them to do what they do best, then I feel SO much better and everything runs way more smoothly.

And what has happened as I’ve put my trust in my team? They’ve come through. Pretty much 100% of the time. And I’ve been able to breathe. Even though our business is over twice the size it was last year, I feel 10x more relaxed and at ease. I’ve put faith in the people around me and trusted that the business will continue to head in the right direction. And it has been awesome!!

Hand over the reigns… it’s not so bad!

Being a Supervisor…

…definitely has it’s challenges and tough moments.  There are long nights, hard conversations, sweat, tears, stress, etc.  I get it!

However, it is one of the most rewarding and consistently joyful things I have ever done professionally.  I love having the opportunity and ability to influence someone and help them grow into the professional they want to be.  I love being there when they have questions and being able to answer them or learning new things along the way by finding the answer together.  I like being able to have conversations where we talk about the aspects of Music Therapy or business that often get swept under the rug or taken for granted.  AND I am absolutely thrilled whenever I see my intern succeed.

2016-01-12 15.09.38

The past few weeks, Alisabeth has displayed an incredible amount of growth (whether she realizes it or not) and in spite of some really challenging situations. Needless to say, I am beyond excited to see where the next few weeks lead!

Mostly, I just wanted to take a moment to encourage anyone in a teacher, supervisor, student, or even parent role to take a step back and look at where you started.  Notice what steps you’ve taken.  Acknowledge any successes.

It’s really easy to get caught up in daily affairs and not take notice of what is happening along the way.  Sometimes, the changes and growth are subtle.  Often, they are stealthy and you don’t notice them happening.

So… Take a moment. Sit back. Re-assess. And Be Proud! 

You’re doing a great job!

Happy New Year – Looking back at 2015

After our wedding in September 2014, life for Chad and I was supposed to slow down.  I remember telling myself every day leading up to our nuptials that it would “be ok, you’ll have plenty of down time when you get back from your honeymoon”.

Chad and Katey Wedding  Never have I been so wrong.  As soon as we got home from our honeymoon, life resumed it’s hectic pace but at an even faster speed. Even though it’s been busy, it has been the most crazy, fantastic ride!

Two years ago this week, Rachel Rambach and I sat down to talk about the holidays, our favorite books and plans for the new year over a casual cup of coffee at Target (both of which are still big parts of our routine).  We talked about life and how great it would be to open a music therapy clinic space.   And that was just the start…

Within months, Rachel and I had formed an LLC and started renting space from Capitol City Music in Springfield, IL. We created early childhood classes that have take off like wild fire and started an online database where our original class materials can be purchased.  BUT IT DIDN’T STOP THERE!



2015 was an even bigger year both personally and professionally.

In March, MTC started looking for a new home.  Knowing that we wanted to continue our growth, we knew we would need a larger space and to grow our team.

We ended the year with:

  • a 2,300 sq. ft. space that we renovated over the summer
  • our first intern
  • 3 subcontractors teaching individual music lessons
  • 1 subcontractor providing music therapy
  • 1 administrative assistant
  • 4 new classes
  • 40+ new individual clients
  • a growing online resource database
  • and plenty of other milestones I’m probably missing

11882405_10153217215233892_3160658553312905212_o 11930941_10103057311106060_8514329819700758808_o 11059689_10102974296053890_2947292409234584828_nmusic therapy intern orrientation











  • Bought a new (old) home in Springfield (closing the same week as we signed our contract for our MTC building)
  • Started renovating our new (old) home
  • Started a rental business by renting out our Lincoln house and renting our 3rd story apartment
  • Learned the trials, tribulations, and exciting parts of being landlords VERY quickly
  • Celebrated our first year of marriage with an impromptu trip to the Dominican Republic
  • traveled to Germany & France
  • Chad traveled to several states and won six trophies with his mine rescue team
  • I sang with a band numerous times
  • I presented at our national Music Therapy Conference
  • I visited the Grand Canyon for the first time
  • ran 4 5Ks
  • we made some amazing new friends
  • and TONS of other small and large things that I KNOW I’m missing.

12250671_10101918446529875_258137858_o 12065764_10153643164267603_2650939899647654605_n 11935010_10156154410825157_6690313220707231898_n11741046_10153637764364994_4908841583919567117_o11235000_10153788928797603_846959529394193617_o11114240_10153296549612603_4672305746482221918_n


Needless, to say it has been my busiest but also best and most memorable year to date. I’m looking forward to taking on whatever 2016 has to offer.  

Happy New Year

Today is the Day… We Move

TODAY, Rachel and I move into our new office!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, was my LAST DAY traveling to my clients’ homes.  I couldn’t help getting a little emotional. The families I work with have been so welcoming, inviting me into their homes, treating me like a member of the family, and respecting our boundaries during lessons.  I’ve seen younger siblings grow up and been a part of their lives every week for the past two years.  I will definitely miss those parts of teaching in clients’ homes… though I won’t miss living out of my car and all of the issues that come with being a traveling music therapist

photo (9)like this mess when I come home and drop everything after a long day

However, there are some AMAZING benefits to having our own studio space.  My students and therapy clients will have a quiet space dedicated solely to the purpose of learning and growing through music.  I have control of the distractions in the room and can use as many or as few props and aids as needed.  I will have access to ALL of my materials at my fingertips!  If I need to print something for a students, I’ll be able to do it in an instant.

No more forgetting things at home, losing things in my car, leaving things at homes, etc!

photo 1

I got a little teary as I started packing up my home office, but couldn’t be more thrilled about the amazing adventures ahead.  I’ll spend the majority of today moving instruments, furniture, and books; unpacking boxes; and assembling desks and shelves… and I’m looking forward to every moment of it!!!

photo 2
futniture I will be sharing pictures of the new office very VERY soon!!!!