We Are… Kinesthetic

I got the idea for this post from JoAnn Jordan’s post related to ABC’s of Music Therapy.  JoAnn posted a quote regarding the kinesthetic part of music therapy that I completely agree with! “I hear and I forget. I see and I understand. I do and I remember.” – Confucius Personally, I learn by doing, by moving, by trying things, and by playing around.  I have to explore and actually feel things in order to completely grasp a new concept.  I know this is the same for so many of my clients.  We do  A LOT of moving, playing, and exploring in all of our session.  The movement and activity are both a great way to engage my clients and help them learn new concepts.  You may have noticed by exploring My Music Page that many of the songs I write or the interventions I post on the Blog include movement, actions, or doing of some sort. Below are some of the links to interventions I have created.   Can You Play Like This? Kick It! 3 Songs for Movement Tiptoe Read More


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3 Songs For Movement

Many of the clients I work with have goals related to fine and gross motor functioning.  Whether it’s tapping, clapping, jumping, hopping, stomping, sitting, or standing up, my clients love when we put our movements into song! Not only are they motivated by the musical directives, the songs provide a steady beat to help clients time their movements and work on motor planning.  Here are 3 of the songs I have recorded for my clients to work on movement goals.   Move All Day Long by On A Good Note Tiptoe by On A Good Note Silly Sounds by On A Good Note Read More