The Traveling Music Therapist: What’s in the Car

Every week, the amount of “stuff” I have in my car simply grows and grows, and it eventually needs to be cleaned out (usually every Friday… or so).  Some things stay (and always will) while others (like Starbuck cups) get thrown out.    Below is a fairly inclusive list of what you may find in my car any given week.  Get Ready… it’s pretty awesome. Water bottles (empty and full)  Starbucks cups Lunch Wrappers First Aid Kit (2 actually) GPS Phone Charger Pens and Pencils Paper Mileage Log Hand Sanitizer (for after EVERY session) Headband,  Hair Ties, & Bobby Pins Umbrella A Case of Water Assorted Instruments Phone iPod Sanitizing Wipes Ice Scraper Random CDs Mints/Gum Car Cleaning Supplies Art Supplies AND MORE   What things do you keep in your car as a Traveling MT? Read More