10 Truths of the Traveling Music Therapist

Do you find these 10 truths of the traveling music therapist to be true for you?

  1. You feel like you live out of your car.
  2. You get more oil changes than the majority of your peers and put more miles on your car than you could imagine.
  3. You end up spending more time (and money) at Starbucks than you ever thought possible and find the stray Starbucks cup, sleeve, or napkin in your car on a regular basis.
  4. You learn that driving is exhausting and can quickly lead to burn out.
  5. Some days your office ends up looking like this when you come home…photo (9)
  6. You don’t want help with your instruments because you’ve finally found a way to “balance” them all.
  7. You know how to improvise because inevitably there comes a day when you leave something important at home.
  8. Your car makes strange noises when you turn or hit a bump because of all the instruments in the trunk.
  9. You find stray egg shakers and drum sticks in the most random locations.
  10. You work strange hours and always take your work home with you.

What other traveling truths can you share?

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