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These past couple months have been a whirlwind!!  Between getting married, merging my company, moving into new offices, starting new services, growing the number of clients I see, interviewing potential interns, AND so much MORE cool and exciting stuff, it has been crazy!  However, it has been completely worth it!  I have never been more satisfied with where my business is headed and the changes we have made. Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: All students will now be registered through Music Therapy Connections, LLC My primary office is no longer my car!  It is now located in Springfield at 3730 Wabash Ave.   AND my office is beautiful! Early childhood class have been expanded and will take place at our new office. I only teach in Lincoln on Fridays. I have the absolute pleasure of working with another music therapist on an almost daily basis!  Check out her awesome blog!  I am loving my “new” life and cannot wait to share more with you soon!  -Katey Read More