Using Music for Personal Healing

Yesterday afternoon, my mom called to tell me my great aunt had passed away.  She was in her late 80s and not in great health.  She had been in and out of the hospital a lot recently.  So it wasn’t entirely unexpected,  but that’s not to say that it didn’t break my heart a little.

We weren’t terribly close, but my Aunt Lorraine is one of the sweetest people I know and has always treated me splendidly.  She and my uncle Jack have always supported me in everything I have done (including generously helping me buy attire for pageant I didn’t place in) , sent cards for every holiday and major event, and spent time talking with me fairly regularly.552334_3548775843945_584792454_n

I was distracted by the news and was having trouble focusing on things. My stress level was already high and the loss I felt wasn’t helping. Certain songs kept playing in my head distracting me even more from what I was trying to accomplish. So, I put everything down and listened to what the music was trying to tell me.

I pulled out my favorite songs or ones that spoke to me in the moment (mostly mellow, minor tunes) and sat at the piano.  I played, I sang, and I played some more. I teared up with some of the lyrics and didn’t play all the right notes, but it was sooo incredibly helpful.e4a17e1f968485c41647ac83ecb6ab64

Using music is a coping mechanism and tool that I teach others to use daily, but I forget how powerful it can be for me..  I forget that it helps to soothe my soul, work through tough emotions and situations, and recenter my mind.  Taking time for me to deal with things in a way that I know works is so incredibly important.

I’m not going to feel 100% ok right now, but at least I have a way to help me cope.

How do you cope with difficult situations or loss? Do you have go to music that helps you?

One thought on “Using Music for Personal Healing

  1. For over 40 years, I have focused on the healing powers of music composed with the intention of creating greater harmony, balance and inner peace. In my workshops and books, I have always promoted all aspects of sound healing.

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