It’s Tuesday… and I’m Exhausted

Actually, to be honest, I was exhausted yesterday when it was only Monday (and even the day before when it was Sunday) and that feels like that was forever ago.  Really, truly,  Monday feels like it was at least three days ago.

But why am I sharing this?  Why do I sound whiny instead of sharing something useful?

I need to be honest and vulnerable with you.

I can preach things like self-care, simplifying, and work flow until the cows come home, but you have to know that I still struggle with these things.  I struggle to take time for myself when I need it, say no when people ask for things, or simplify when life gets too busy for me to actually accomplish everything I want to.

I still struggle and I know I’m not alone.

So, by telling you the truth that I’m exhausted and having a hard time accomplishing what I want to right now, I hope it gives you the room to be honest with yourself and do what you need to in order to better take care of yourself.

What am I doing to help myself?

For starters, I went back to bed this morning and I slept in a few extra hours because my body really needed it. I have celiac disease and was “glutened” the other day so my body is on the mend so I need more sleep than normal and every task is more taxing than it usually it is.

What else? I’m relying more on my amazing business partner, intern, and team to help get things accomplished. We share the load and try to cover more when the other person is feeling down.  I’m trying to be honest about what I can and cannot reasonably accomplish in one day and shortening my to do list to just a couple actionable items.  I’m taking time to just sit and talk to my husband because we haven’t had more than a solid 30 minute block together on any day in over two weeks. I’m trying to be present in whatever task I’m doing.  I’m following my personal work flow and what I’m inspired to do in the moment so it doesn’t seem as draining. And I’m having faith that my energy will rebound soon, especially as my body continues to heal and I take care of myself.

So, how are you helping yourself??

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