We Are… Outstanding

Thanks all those who responded to my question on Twitter about the letter “O”.  I decided to go with JoAnn Jordan’s adjective, “Outstanding”.

“Outstanding – standing out from a group”

As a Music Therapist (MT) it is hard not to stand out.  Especially when you are carrying a load that looks like this!

Instrument LoWhen I am carrying my guitar in a hospital or singing with a patient when  doctor comes in the room, music therapy stands out.  When clients talk to me but will not speak to a nurse, music therapy stands out.  When a client learns new words or makes new sounds while singing a song, music therapy stands out.  When a client reaches higher than they knew possible to hit a drum, or hops up and down to a beat, music therapy stands out.  For all those reasons and a thousand more, music therapists are outstanding.

Outstanding-“marked by superiority or distinction; excellent; distinguished “(www.dictionary.reference.com)

For all of the other reasons I have mentioned in previous posts and the many I have left to write about, music therapists are outstanding.  We are educated, board-certified, keep up with new research, are consistently learning new things, and do our best to meet the specific needs of our individual clients.

We Are... Outstanding

Keep reading all of the ABC’s of Music Therapy to find out more reasons why MT’s are OUTSTANDING!


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